Wall Art Universal Home Decor Item

They say, If walls could speak…”, but in fact they can! They can tell tales through the art pieces with which they are decorated. Decorating walls through wall art items of various forms is common for all countries and cultures. Classy or shabby, cohesive or hodge-podge everyone has some sort of art as a home decor item on their walls.


Photographs are an old favorite among home decor items. Custom framing or professionally portrait shots look graceful in any formal living area, while candid snapshots of the family being silly can grace the stair case or family room. You can add dimension to your home decor with items like shadow boxes and 3D frames where along with the picture, you can also display childhood memorabilia like your sons first shoe or his baseball bat from little league.

Poster Prints

This is the least expensive way to add a home decor item on the wall. You can get poster prints rolled up at department stores or already matted and framed. From whimsical to down right funny, religious to romantic, you can get any kind of poster print to suit your decor.

Acrylics and Oils

These are normally more expensive home decor items, especially if you purchase them from an art gallery or exhibition. Some may command thousands of dollars in asking prices and even though that may seem like a pretty penny, that one item can transform your home decor dramatically. Apart from that it is a great money investment, and later, it can be sold or willed and passed through generations.


Wire art, beads and buttons, needle point, quilts and rugs are all becoming wall adornments and home decor items of some sort or the other. Some say it is because of a lack of space in small city dwellings, other say it is because people wan to re-use the same things but see them in a different context. Whatever the reason may be, seeing tiles or wool on the wall may be exquisite for some and just plain wacky for others.

The bottom line is let your creativity go wild and adorn the walls in your home with decor items that have their own stories to tell. Your walls don’t have to be speechless any more with appropriate home decor items you can make them speak the language you want!

Shopping At A Home Decor Store Can Be Fun

Decorating your home is surely fun and an exciting experience, but it can also be difficult and frustrating, especially if you did no prior planning. It becomes much easier to shop for home decor items if you know what you are looking for. Shopping at a home decor store can be a good place to start.

Though a home decor store can be an overwhelming place in terms of selection, if you know the theme and color schemes of the room you are shopping for you are likely to find what you are looking for with less time and effort spent. Your planning should include not only the list of items to purchase, but the design of the room and the spaces that you are looking to fill.

Take an inventory of the belongings you already have to determine what to keep and what to move to another room. Magazines and books can give you a good idea of what you like, and help you to determine your personal style before you begin. Take the pictures with you when you go to a home decor store, and talk to the associates to see if they offer what you are looking for. Remember that color is important, so consider your chosen palette as you shop at a home decor store.

It is a good idea to compare the price of an item that you like by shopping at multiple home decor stores. Head out for home decor stores that offer sales and bargains first of all. And don’t let the large selection take your focus away from the item you originally came in for. Instead, stick with your predetermined list to avoid ending up with a cluttered and mismatched room.

Online Home Decor Stores

Many people today simply don’t have time to go from store to store to find the perfect accessory. This is why online shopping can be extremely beneficial. You have all the items and prices from different home decor stores at your fingertips, so you can search 100 home decor stores instead of just the few that are in your neighborhood.

Consider shipping cost when choosing something from an online home decor store: a great online deal may turn to be not that great at all, if you add on the shipping charge. In this case, it is still less expensive to buy the item at a brick and mortar home decor store if the shipping costs are higher than the item itself. Look for coupons or savings from online sources to help offset the price of shipping.

Don’t forget to revise the return policy of the store before you decide to buy an item. Many retailers charge return fees for shipping and restocking if you send a purchase back to them. A candleholder that may look great in a picture may not be the right height or color once you get it home, so take measurements and do your research.

Nautical Home Decor A Budget Choice

Nautical home decor style is popular with many people irrespective on the geographical position. Bright sea colors along with sky blues and bright whites help create a decor that is cheerful and clean-looking. And the best part of nautical home decor is that it is easy to achieve, and budget saving at the same time!

Nautical home decor is simply a matter of bringing outdoor things inside. Free items like seashells, sand, or driftwood evoke the sea very effectively. While on a vacation, take this opportunity to pick up some items that you will later incorporate into your nautical home decor. Sea treasures look good displayed in an oversized clear vase, stacked on bookshelves or hung on the wall. All you need is a little basic hardware to turn your found items into a decoration or adornment.

Life for sailors is brutal; working on a windswept boat, getting knocked around by storms, and being beaten by waves. Boats and seagoing equipment do not look too pristine after they have worked the ocean for years. And luckily for the decorator, this distressed, sea-worn look is inexpensive to use in nautical home decor.

For example, the glass decor in a nautical home is appropriate if it is an old, worn lantern, or a retired glass float. It is clear which style is more affordable, and which style you are more likely to find in a quaint collectibles shop or Main Street antique mall.

Likewise, an oar or fishing pole from an antique store does not have to be finely refinished to be a good decorative accessory. Let the oar be splintered or worn; that is how it would actually look at work in the water.

Ships, boats, sails, and seashells are never fading decorating trends that are always safe bets when you create nautical home decor. Once in a while you will need to update your fabric choices, but the general themes and colors of nautical home decor never go out of style. This is advantageous for the home decorator.

The best fabrics for nautical home decor are cotton canvas, usually in shades of ecru or blue. Coincidentally, this is also very inexpensive and sturdy cloth for furniture and even curtains.

Unless you get tired of nautical home decor, there will never be any need to completely overhaul your interior design. Since it is always in style, you can shop for last year’s (or even the last decade’s) nautical accessories and save a huge amount on reproduction nautical home decor at discount stores.

Country Home Decor Is Fun

Home decoration can be a pleasure giving hobby, but country home decor is fun. Unlike home decor, country home decor does not have any standards or fixed format to follow. There is a lot of scope for experimentation in country home decor. Normally, sky is the limit for experimentation.

Generally, very few people decorate their house in a country fashion since it is not part of the current trend. However, people love and appreciate country home decor. One does not need to employ a professional home decorator for country home decor. You can try it on your own.

The tips for country home decor are not too many. Just give the home a country look by placing furniture that resembles village art and craft. Again, ensure there is a adequate space for movement and ventilation.

Within country home decor, there are various categories — metal signs, wooden signs, rusted signs, humorous signs, seasonal decor, French country decor and retro decor. It is very easy to practice country home decor and can be inexpensive hobby. Convert some old unused stuff into an art form or furniture for use at home.

For instance, old wooden furniture can be crafted into small stools and tables for use in kids’ room. Old metal plates can be used with drawings as hangings inside the house. However, the entire should have country decor. There cannot be a mix of contemporary home decor and country home decor. It drastically reduces the in-house beauty.

One can start with the doors. While the door wood should be of top quality, the exterior finishing and coating can be of country home decor. Paint the door with a color more often seen in villages, mud color or rough. Etch the door with markings. Spread metal hangings. The nameplate can be of old galvanized iron.

The furniture can resemble a village setting. Use wooden furniture extensively. If possible get a cane furniture for the house. The wooden furniture should not sport expensive appearance. Let the drawing room have lot of implements used in village. It can be a clay pot or painted vase with flowers. Paintings of village landscape will also add aesthetic value to the room.

Include accessories like wooden clock, metal farmed paintings, baskets, primitive candle stands, wrought iron, rugs, grapevine and twig in clay pots, homespun textiles, pitchers and jars.

Keep Moving With Time With Contemporary Home Decor

Contemporary home decor means updating the interiors of your house with the fashion and trend in vogue worldwide.

It is a very important component of house keeping for many reasons. Contemporary home decor reflects your taste, attitude, aesthetic sense and the value you attach to it and your appreciation for good house keeping. It is generally regarded that people generate opinions about a personality by assessing his / her likes and dislikes for contemporary home decor .

It is very use to adopt the standards of contemporary home decor. There are multiple sources to routinely update your knowledge on contemporary home decor. Internet, niche magazines and catalogues, architects, home decorators and home decor stores are the best means to keep in touch with contemporary home decor.

There are several categories of contemporary home decor. They are: modern furniture comprising sofas, tables, book shelves and cases, chairs, window furnishings and bedroom furniture; accessories like art decor, clocks, home office, picture frames, wall sculptures, mirrors and vases; rugs and textiles like throw pillows, carpet tiles and rugs; entertainment accessories like serving trays and bowls, placemats, candle holders, salt and pepper shakers and bar accessories; bedding and bathroom accessories; kitchen products like cutting boards, cake server, broom and dustpan, bowls and coffee cup towers; outdoor accessories including doormats; fun accessories like pet bowls and gourmet bags.

The list of contemporary home decor products and accessories in exhaustive. But the list depends on what you want inside a house. For, having all contemporary home decor accessories and products can clutter rooms.
It is always advisable to employ a home decorator with sound knowledge of contemporary home decor to ensure that the house has all the modern amenities.

Contemporary home decor has many categories depending on the taste of the house owner — modern, antique, trendy and traditional. However, most people prefer modern contemporary home decor for two reasons — availability of a wide range of products and accessories and affordability. Choosing modern contemporary home decor can update a house as per international standards. While antique or traditional contemporary house decor is more of customized and on the expensive side.

The best way to access contemporary home decor is to visit the nearest store in the neighborhood. It not only gives you an option to experience the products by feeling them, but can give you a general outlook or prepare an idea to decorate the home.